Podcast: Details and Depth On The $3.4 Billion Cobell Native American Trust Lawsuit Settlement

The University of California Irvine radio station KUCI’s legal program The Docket has aired an extended segment on the settlement of the landmark Cobell lawsuit between 300,000+ Native Americans and the U.S. government. Host Evan Simon interviewed Foster Pepper PLLC’s Native American Group Chair Greg Guedel regarding the background of the case, the details of the settlement, his discussion with lead plaintiff Eloise Cobell, and what work remains to complete the settlement and lay the groundwork for improved relations between the federal government and Native Americans. The interview can be accessed HERE, or via the Foster Pepper podcast page on iTunes.

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NeoCon Hysteria - August 1, 2010 11:57 AM

So basically this guy is suing America because his 'people' are too stupid to know the price of their own land and sold it.

What alternate universe does this clown live in? Thats not how the system works. If a seller sells something and both party's agree on the price, the sell is final.

I guess this is where the phrase "Indian Giver" comes into play. wow. I never really understood that until now.

Also, the way this so called 'lawyer' answers questions is what we call 'beating around the bush' or 'lawyer jingoism' in America. Basically he's full of crap and just trying to get some money. ALOT of money.

And if he doesn't get it.. he'll pull the Jesse Jackson card.

jeanette marie scott mcmurdie mells - February 26, 2011 5:32 PM

I am yurok indian and do not like that the fact they are calling that attorney's depend on other peoples money to get ahead in life. Indians have had to live the white man's way for a lot of years, I think it is pay back time, but my ancestors desreved it, but we all know it is to late for that.

James R - November 17, 2011 10:05 AM

I want 1-million dollars for my settlement. or nothing.

Janet Dugger - December 27, 2011 8:24 PM

Mr. Neo Con Hysteria,

By your comment,I don't believe you have studied Native American History, or the notation of your remark would NOT have been so vain.
It is better to be learned than unlearned(ignorant)of multi-cultural people. In the case here, there are various tribes that reside in American. I wonder if you even know how many tribes we have in American? When one talks noise, they need to KNOW the subject of discussion, before opening their mouth. Read the Cherokee Nation Treaty of 1866, you may learn something. The Cherokee Tribal Members were forcefully removed from their Eastern homelands. As far as "Indian Giver," it was the European people that took Indian land & their belongings, and the European people educated us to Not sit back and be taken advantage of any longer! Hysteria, you say you didn't understand until now, It sounds like you understand nothing about "Cherokee Indians and our Freedmen." The Jesse Jackson card being pulled sounds like a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for your education, Jesse Jackson would definately understand more than I believe you would, since you seem to not understand indigneous people. Consider learning about our Native American population in American before making judgement on something it seems you know very little about. I look forward to seeing your comments in the future, When you have educated yourself with any of our Native American Tribal Members. Wa-Do (Cherokee Thank-you)

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