New PBS Series Highlights Native Sovereignty

The week of 13 April 2009, PBS will premier its television series We Shall Remain, a five-part documentary on Native American history. The series will focus on the sovereign status and societal structure of Native American nations from before the arrival of the Mayflower through Wounded Knee and beyond. Beginning with Massasoit’s dealings with early English colonists, the programs feature in-depth analysis and historical reenactments of the complex and turbulent relations between Native communities and European settlers, and the enduring efforts of Tribes and their members to preserve and enhance their sovereignty in North America.

We Shall Remain is the product of collaboration between PBS and Native filmmakers, in coordination with the ReelNative film project. The American Library Association’s President Loriene Roy (White Earth Anishinabe) has developed companion-piece literature that will be distributed to 17,000 public libraries throughout the United States.