New York Times: Twilight And New Moon "Sucking The Quileute Dry"

This site has commented previously on cultural issues arising from the blockbuster film Twilight and its recent sequel New Moon. This week the New York Times features commentary by Angela R. Riley regarding the economic impact of the film and book series on the Quileute Nation, whose members are portrayed as shape-shifting wolf people locked in a centuries-long battle with local vampires.

Ms. Riley is Associate Director of the American Indian Studies Center at UCLA. Her analysis of the economic circumstances of the Nation is succinct:

“Twilight” has made all things Quileute wildly popular: sells items from Quileute hoodies to charms bearing a supposed Quileute werewolf tattoo. And a tour company hauls busloads of fans onto the Quileute reservation daily. Yet the Tribe has received no payment for this commercial activity. Meanwhile, half of Quileute families still live in poverty.