Native-Owned Business Improving Lactation Facilities For Mothers

New Mexico Community Capital, a Community Development Financial Institution supporting Native-owned businesses, has announced its newest Native Entrepreneur in Residence (NEIR) Participant, Stephanie Conduff of Leche Lounge located in Oklahoma.

Leche Lactation suites are portable units that can be placed temporarily or permanently on site for pumping and nursing mothers. Fulfilling the requirements of pumping laws, Leche Lounge goes above and beyond coming equipped with a hospital grade breast pump. The pumps are proven to express milk faster, getting moms in and out quickly. Other convenience features include a USB charger, fan, food-grade seating and a mirror to readjust clothing. The units are stocked with cleaning wipes for pump parts and calming lavender wipes for refreshing the space between guests, ensuring quick and easy clean up.

Stephanie Conduff is Leche Lounge, LLC’s founder and CEO. She is responsible for the direction of the company and all government contracting. She is an attorney and admitted to practice in Oklahoma, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, the Chickasaw Nation, Osage Nation, and Cherokee Nation and a few federal district courts. It is from the direction of strong Native women mentors that Leche Lounge, LLC finds its purpose and place in the market.

NMCC’s NEIR Program provides mentoring to Native entrepreneurs to assist with business development, organization, and fundraising.  Ms. Conduff’s mentorship will be split between two mentors, Cheryl Hill and Bobby Cook who both own successful businesses and will help with manufacturing, fundraising and contracting.

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